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SKS and the KCC
Fundulopanchax gardneri 'Misaje'
SKS Fundulopanchax gardneri 'Misaje'
KCC Members:
The following picture is of the SKS members who are participating in the KCC program for the Fundulopanchax gardneri 'Misaje'.
All are keeping the 'Misaje' in accordance to the KCC agreement of the AKA
KCC People
Left to Right: Mike Jacobs, Brian Skidmore, Hank Darin, Gerry Rosenbeck,
Jim Cormier, Charlie Rose, Bill Shields, Carl Johnson, Joe Berberich, Hugh Moore
PICTURED Lower Left: Gary Pack . . . Gary Lives in Illinois

PICTURED Lower Right: Joe Scanlan . . . Joe lives in Alabama
Misaje Chart

Misaje Towm

Misaje Stream
Original Distribution: Fundulopanchax gardneri nigerianus 'Misaje' was collected in the Western Cameroon. They were originally collected by Radda on March 1st 1972.

Radda's 1972 collection were collected in a fast flowing mountain brook 2 metres wide & 10 - 50cm deep near Misajé which is located on the northern ring road from Bamenda - Banso - (Kumbo) - Nkambe - Wum returning to Bamenda. Water analysis, pH 5.9, DH 1, water temperature 20.9° C. Also found in pools on the edge of a stream near the road between Misajé - Ngong. These streams are tributaries of the Kimbi, Katsena Ala rivers flowing into the Benue River system. This is a mountainous area. Water analysis, pH 5.8, DH 1, water temperature 22.5°C, air temperature 24 C, humidity 60% Fundulopanchax gardneri nigerianus 'Misaje' is an easy species to breed, laying eggs on top & bottom mops. In water they will incubate in 2-3 weeks. They will also lay in peat. Eggs are very tough & capable of withstanding fairly long periods of dry incubation . . . 3-4 weeks being normal. Fry are large enough to take newly hatched brine shrimp on hatching.
Charlie Nunziata . . . Editor-SKS Bulletin
Brian Skidmore . . . Secretary SKS
Hank Darin . . . Treasurer SKS
Mike Jacobs . . . Internet Services & Contact